OOPS Archive horse falls & fails

Archive falls and fails from over 20 years filming

Help! More Horse Falls 3

yet more falls from total recall videos

splash 2 more water falls

more wet falls from crazy horses empty saddles contact info@total-recall-videos.co.uk http://www.facebook.com/pages/Total-Recall-Videos/127897087276782

Horse Falls & Mishaps #1

My first horse falls and mishaps vid, number 2 has just come out also :D view rate and comment

New! Horse falls & mishaps #3

My newest addition to horse falls and mishaps. Yes i have had alot of problens with the audio as every song which i have tried to edit this movie to, has been rejected :S Their were no horses or rider

Horse Falls

AND NO, you CAN NOT use these clips for your own video because they are under something called copyright.