Kids can safely and confidently enjoy horses using Whisperide’s Noavel Headstall,


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    It’s a metal hackamore…there is know way I would put that on my horses face. This is too harsh for beginner hands!

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    The horse at the start seemed very interested with the kids. But if you have kids around horses the horse should be safe anyway. A friend got kicked in the head by a horse and he has brain damage and has to be put in a wheelchair, he cant think for himself anymore. You shouldn’t need another halter. 1:45 Thats a weird way to clean out the hoof :/

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    A panicking horse now only a slight pull away! No human (not to mention beginners) has such mild and precise hands to not induce pain with this tool that competes with hackamore in its severeness.

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    i hat it

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    Yeah they are talking about being humane the reason why the horse is backing up so easy is because it hurts. Thats like rubbing straight metal on your bone! idiots!

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    this is for a……. bridle?

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    keep pressing 1 and 2 and 3 watch the horses mouth and 5 and 8 lol sorry but its so funny

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    stop right at 2:15

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    if ur a beginner or a kid they shud have a safe horse anyway!i have been around horses ALL my life and got my first 8hh pony when i was 2 years old,my parents always made sure the pony or horse they got me was reliable!i didnt need any extra headstall!

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    lmao LOL jk i love horses there awsome !?!?!

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    This is a very severe piece of equipment. While it may seem like you are making beginners safer by using this type of equipment you are actually put them in much more danger than you would be if they were just riding in a plain halter. Think of it this way, would you put a beginner rider on a horse wearing a severe bit? No the rider’s hands are not trained and if they pull too severely on the reins the horse will blow up and endanger the rider.

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    I have two horses. And this seems so wonderful!I ride American saddle breds, one three faired and one five gates. Does it work on these kinds of
    Horses? Thanks

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    Thats really cool!

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