Watch as an expert explains how to position a Western bit in this informative, free online video.

Expert: Kelli LaBar
Bio: Kelli LaBar is a practicing aesthetician and makeup artist in Wilmington, N.C.
Filmmaker: Reel Media LLC


25 Responses to How to Bridle Your Horse in the Western Style : Positioning a Western Bridle Bit

  1. Anonymous says:

    this is really bad, not expert at all. you can leave the halter on if youre not doing anything fancy, and they also sell nice thin rope style halters that fit more easily underneath. otherwish ccowgurl13 is right, you need to take the halter off the nose and rebuckle around the neck with the nose part free and then put on the bridle.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ive taught my horse to ride bitless, but i usually ride her in a medium port with a roller.

  3. Anonymous says:

    she obviously trust the horse to stay there while she does this. some put it around the nack and others dont.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If u are a good trainer try to ride with no bit then or at least dont use these long chunk bits :s

  5. Anonymous says:

    Uhh… I’m an Animal Rights activist. I ride and I KNOW that it doesn’t hurt the horse. When the bit fits the horse correctly and is the right bit for the horse, it doesn’t hurt them. Yanking at the reins however DOES hurt them.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bull crap .. any bit DOES hurt the horses’ mouths .. you should be able to see clearly how uncomfortable they are. This IS abuse .. (I’m with the Animal Rights Protection Agency and an advocate for all animals, wild and domestic.)

  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    I thought you where supposed to keep the halter on that’s what I do anyways

  9. Anonymous says:

    does it really matter?

  10. Anonymous says:

    everybody makes mistakes dont blame her i bet you’ve done that a bunch of times

  11. Anonymous says:

    “Hi, I’m Kelli on behalf of Expert Village. I’m going to show you my tips and techniques that I use to sa- bridle my horse with a western bridle.” 😀 please memorize your lines first.

  12. Anonymous says:

    ya they obiously dont know how to take care of thier equipment if they do that!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    at my barn we put the halter around thier neck

  14. Anonymous says:

    you do know that you can keep the halter on when you but the bridle on. thats what i do then i just loop the lead on the saddle horn but nice job =)

  15. Anonymous says:

    i do have some criticism; if you are in any open area like she was, DO NOT take off the halter completely! if the horse suddenly decides it does not want to have the bridle on, it will take off leaving you behind. just slide the noseband off but keep the crown on. This way you still have control because of crown pressure

  16. Anonymous says:

    that was my sister on my account, sorry about that
    im not even into horses lol

  17. Anonymous says:

    wow, you just have a different horse, maybe this horse is used to her and respects her and wont run

  18. Anonymous says:

    erm… how come on the other side, the crown peice didnt go over the ear??? i no its a short vid and u were gonna take it off again but that is really uncomfortable for the horse. u just dont think and u didnt say any tips on how to encorage him to put a bit in, and one last thing, PUT THE HEAD COLLAR LOSE AROUND THEIR NECK WHEN THERE TIYED UP. SOO HE DOES NOT GO BOLTING!!!! THE TIP PUT THE BIT IN WUZ, GET YOUR THUMB AND STICK IT IN THE MOUTH. I DOES NOT HURT THEM!!!! UR SOO BAD!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    What we do at my riding stables is just take the nose band of the halter off the horses nose and keep the head strap on along with cross ties :) then we put on the pad and saddle and finally we take off the halter and cross ties and lead them out.

  20. Anonymous says:

    You should hang up the halter before you braid. Do not throw it on the ground

  21. Anonymous says:

    y does a western briddle only go over one ear?

  22. Anonymous says:

    People there are LOTS of different bridles i ride lots of diff horses and they all need a different bit or bridle so dont fight about it cuz there is so many different ones!

  23. Anonymous says:

    i’ve tried every thing and it still wont work i had to call the owner to ask and that still didnt work i dont know wat to do

  24. Anonymous says:

    never push the ears forward

  25. Anonymous says:

    western bridles have browbands:) just got one yesterday:)