Clip one from Jay O’Jay’s colt starting video entitled Journey to Connection from his series of Horse Training DVD Videos.
Jay maintains his leadership and respect and increasingly becomes the focus of the horse’s attention. No longer wishing to drive the horse away, he becomes a comfort zone for the horse – a place that she wants to be. Once the filly knows that it is more comfortable to stay than it is to go, Jay is well on his way to forming the all important connection. With the horse now more relaxed, Jay then demonstrates how to approach the horse for the first time, how to touch for the first time, how to take the pressure off the horse, and ultimately, approach the horse without it leaving.


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    oh my gosh this video is so good for training a horse

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love such things. *__*
    Does this work also with horses who have been ridden for a few years or so? That would be very interesting.. 😛
    Thank you!

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    thats how I train all my horses…. works every time… I also suggest watching monty roberts videos and do joining up

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    i love hores and i have 2 one is a tennessee walker and i dont know what the other oln is

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    Horses are: Beautiful, Courageous, and just a beautiful animal. People have used horses for years and years for all different kind of things. Horses are a very beautiful animal, and nobody could ever deny that :)

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    bueatyful animal

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    Rescue horses in Nebraska (Buffalo County, USA) need donors / adopters / good homes ASAP (references required!). Please spread the word / contact me for more info, thanks!

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    I will def use this on my horse!!

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    wow this uy is good he’s not all super natural
    (which is quikly becomeing a bit of a cliche) but he totaly understands what the horse is thinking i like it :)

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    this is how i learned!

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    whre do you keep the horse at night or when you are not training?

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    hi, when i´m working the left eye of my horse for example, and i come closer to him to touch him and stablish the connection, he let´s me but he turns his head and he lets me touch him but looking at me with he´s other eye….he does that all the time.. what does that mean? do i have to simply work him a little bit more until he accepts me with boths eyes? sorry about my english, i don´t speack much

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    You can check out video #4 at my website!

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    where is video number 4???? i can´t find it

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    Those tactics are awsome they totally worked with my mare! Way 2 go! C:

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    thats amazing!

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