Funny Horse


Minnesota State Fair 2009- Funny Horse Video Hilarious act to see in person. Very good blue ribbon performance at the Minnesota State Fair 2009

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Funny Horse: Rowan playing soccer with the big purple ball

All of the behavior you see was completely untrained and spontaneous - this is a horse simply displaying his natural curiosity and playfulness - Enjoy! Rowan is wearing a saddle because we were testi

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Funny Horse Blooper

Oldenburg mare has no patience during feeding time, thinks she owns the barn, and has us always laughing! ** Please know that all music is playing in the barn, as she acts out her tantrum! :) We will

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funny horse plays with jolly ball, cavallo, molto Bene,

Danny Boy, a palomino pony, is playing with a ball and he is trying to get the other horses in the pasture to play with him. this is really a funny horse and he does funny stuff all the time. I pick

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Funny Horse Fart

takes a minute, but funny stuff!

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Me falling off my friend’s horse (very funny!!)

PLEASE READ!!! I disabled comments on this video simply because I was sick of getting bitchy comments from some of the rude people out there. I know what I did and didn't do. I didn't kick him. I don'

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funny horse fall

i was jumping novice at the farm show and i fell off. it hurt like heck but its really funny plz comment

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Funny Horse!

A very funny (strange?) horse!

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Funny horse

This horse is FEMALE, not a male, like other commentators said.

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