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Kids & Horses

Kids can safely and confidently enjoy horses using Whisperide's Noavel Headstall,

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Cute Kids Rides Horse

16 month cutie rides horse

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Kids and horses having fun

Most of my videos put together showing our favorite pastime. Some of these horses are for sale. We do a lot of real riding and try to get all of our horses able to be kid rideable. Med hat paint NOT 4

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Jumping~Charly the Kids Horse~

**i dont not claim ownership of the audio used. Taio Cruz owns it youtube :) Out friends from Missippi came to stay with us last week, and the girls Sarah (11) and Annie (6) had a great time helping m

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Kids Horse Camp Riding Bareback

Sunny bareback - Kids riding horses bareback

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Miniature Horses

Funny Miniature Horses - These are are funny miniature horses. The are tame and can be lead around.They just start running around the pond everyonce in a while for fun. They are for sale. Here is the link to craigs list with

Teddy Jumping at Home

A quick clip of my jumping my pony at home; first time in a pelham.

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funny horse videos for kids

Watch The Whole Video For Full Effect ********** funny horse videos for kids - Watch this video and see what nine years of research into the effects of training and riding horses using a special approach can do for any genre of