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Horse Training Videos Free Lessons: How to Train Horses - Horse trainer and horsemanship coach Jeanne Dial offers free online horse training videos that instruct you how to train your horse yourself. The videos are available

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horse training

Horse training

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Natural Horsemanship Training Videos – DVD Series

Introduction Clip from Caroline Rider's Natural Horsemanship training DVD 2 - the Tao of Horsmanship. In this DVD Series, Caroline challenges the many "dogma's" surrounding being natural with horses a

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Horse Training Video: 1 of 12

Clip one from Jay O'Jay's colt starting video entitled Journey to Connection from his series of Horse Training Videos.

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Horse Training with John Lyons – Pull Back Part 1

Learning how to tie a horse requires skill and safety. Most people assume it's safe to tie their horses because they've never seen them pull back. Yet whenever a horse pulls back, it can have signific

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Horse Training Tips with Larry Trocha Reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha demonstrates a training session with a horse he has for sale. The horse's name is Miss Dualin Dulcey. This 2006 A

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Clinton Anderson Downunder Horsemanship 10 day clinic in 2007; Part 1 of 4

Clinton Anderson 10 day horse training clinic in Ohio. Part 1 covers days 1-4. Scott Downs took our pictures and turned them into a really cool video. Thank you Scott, his wife Carole, Mike Young fo

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Cueing A Horse For The Stop In this short video clip, reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha shows what cues the rider needs to use to ask a horse for a light, balan

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Cutting Horse Training, 3-yr-old, part 1 In this 4-part series, cutting horse trainer, Larry Trocha schools a 3-year-old quarter horse filly in cutting training. For more information about training cuttin

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Les Vogt Reining Training – Mechanics of Stops

The Mechanics of Stops - Les explains his horse training program to create consistently crowd pleasing sliding stops for reining or reined cowhorse classes. Clip is an exerpt from the Maneuvers Level

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