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Badminton Horse Trials 2011

Me and my friend Josie went to the Badminton Horse Trials The song is Take that rule the world I DO NOT OWN THE SONG AND AM NOT GETTING PROFIT FROM USING IT

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Badminton Horse Trials

(Watch in HD) This summer I went to watch the Cross Country at Badminton! And decided to make a little edit of the day. I hope you like it!

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Horse show jumping and horse fall offs.

Me riding Sinbad and Dickens. The end is the funniest. I made it into a kind of mini blooper real. I need to add more to the end,but it shows fall offs and near fall offs. Please tell me what you thin

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White Horse Appaloosa Colt foal Western Newborn

Video shows a white horse and its colt. The colt is newborn. The colt runs and jumps. The other horses watch it. Appaloosa Horse foal running track run jump whinny vocalize baby equestrian True whit

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Arabian stallion: consequences of show training

This video shows how professional show-training influences a horse so that even after a period of 15 years without that, certain triggers can cause a rapid change in mood and behaviour. The first par

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Miniature Horse show event – Liberty

A favorite event at miniature horse shows across the country is the "Liberty" class. In Liberty, the horse is released in the show ring by its handler and allowed to run freely around the ring, accom

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The Big Horse Show

This is an extraordinary showing of some of the most athletic magnificent powerful horses on earth. World's Largest Trick Horse in the Guinness Book "BASH" does tricks that should not be possible for

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Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Liberty Finals

Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show - Scottsdale, Arizona site for this exciting Arabian Freestyle Liberty Class. Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is held each year at WestWorld of Scottsdale. Video and edit

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