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My Horse Riding Lesson

(Please comment! and read this description all the way to the end! :D) For lack of a better name I have named this video "My Horse Riding Lesson" (as you can probably see)... lol :P This was a couple

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Megan Horse Riding Lessons 08

Horse Riding Lessons In Oakdale, Shady Lawn Ranch

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Horse riding, boarding, lessons at GrayStone Stables Georgia - Here's a little tour of our farm, GrayStone Stables in Emerson, Georgia. We offer horse boarding, lessons, children's camps and events, beautiful indoor riding ring, outdoor dres

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E’s 1st horse lesson Here she is having her first horse lesson. She is so excited to be riding Dot. Bethany was leading, while she was carefully supervised!

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Petaluma Hunter Jumper Horse Training and Riding Lessons

Renee has been training horses and teaching horse riding lessons to children, juniors, and adult amateur riders for over 30 years. Her students range from the beginning pleasure rider to the advanced

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Beginner Horseback Riding Lesson: Using Poles to Help a Rider Learn How to Post

This is Hannah's first lesson on Marley. She has had about 5 riding lessons in total. Hannah is 6 years old and riding very well for her age and level of experience. We are working on bringing her low

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Horse riding lessons

My horse riding lessons at UPM equine centre.

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My Horse Riding lessons :P ♥ ( Under a year riding )

Please No Bad Comments as i have only been riding for under a year! ( half an hour once a week when i can) :S :P :L I LUV RIDING!!! its my total passion! - sorry about the predictable song choice - b

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Marisa’s Horse Riding Lesson

This is a video of Marisa's horse riding lessons. She goes once a week, and they teach her how to ride the horse and how to take care of one.

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Horses & Rabbits

As we visit Katie's horse-riding lessons, we explore childhood memories of Pauly's rabbit...

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