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*PART SHOULD BE DUE BY MARCH 7 TH!!!!!!* Okayy the song in the vid is the song you will be editing to.....but there is more of & what i mean by only your this is a video o

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Horse Dance Competition

Held along the national tent-pegging competition in Rawalpindi, Pakistan on Feb. 22-25, 2008.

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The Young Black Stallion ~ Spread Your Wings, Learn To Fly

tUBEwATCHER890 Sent me this song asking me to do a video on it so i did.. i was gong to use lots of horse movies but i couldn't be bothered downloading all of them onto my comp which ill probly never

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~ Redemption (horses)

WATCH IN HD!! Sooo... I worked on a full video for all my afternoon! I'm exhausted! O.O This was really difficult cause I put some voices in it with the reverb... But,, HOORAY! I finally managed to

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Need to feel Loved – Horses

A couple of my favourite horse movies and music by : reflekt - i need to feel loved i actually only like the part starting at 2:14 .. i do not own anything !

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Contest Time!! Your BEST Video EVER! [CLOSED Results Posted]

ORIGINAL VIDEO: I had to swap the audio -.- Hejj guys! It's time for a New AMV Contest :D

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Horse Riding Compilation

A compilation of horse movies. Note: The song is The Rescue by American Hi-fi.

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Just children from the outside

I own nothing but the editing and clips. I rushed parts because I didn't have enough clips, and I'm really picky with the clips so some parts are just ehhh. xD That person riding with me is my cousin

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Child Actresses & Ponies

A slideshow of child actresses in classic horse movies, including Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet, Dakota Fanning in Dreamer, Alison Lohman in Flicka, Scarlett Johansson in The Horse Whisperer, an

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Horse movies

people need to read the description more -_- the movies are The Long Shot, Flicka, virginia's run, Seabiscut, The Horse Whisperer, black beauty and hidalgo The song is Fight For Glory by X-Ray Dog

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