Horse Jumping Videos


Online horse jumping clinic

A funny online horse jumping clinic. Watch this and you'll never get in troubles again when jumping fences. Pictures are from users of the online dutch horse community The largest horse c

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Show jumping, cross country and dressage.

Dressage, Cross Country and Show jumping at the top level with professional riders. Please rate and comment! Song is "What you waiting for?" by Gwen Stefani. Sorry I haven't replied to any posts fo

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Horse Jumping Remix

**I don't own the music or the videos** Really cool clips of horse jumping and some horse falls.

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How A Horse Jumps

1 minute video showing a horse jumping one fence, in realtime and slow motion

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Amazing Horse Jumping

All Horses Are AMAZING, & So I Decided To Make This Video. Without Them We Would Have No Wings To Fly x Song : GROOVE MIX-DJ DIAMOND

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Horse Jumping

This is a video that I made of Show Jumping. Hope you like it. It's not the best but I am still working on making better videos. Ok well comment if you want and enjoy the pictures.

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funny horse fall

i was jumping novice at the farm show and i fell off. it hurt like heck but its really funny plz comment

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WEG 2010 Jumping Finals – Hickstead Best Horse

Eric Lamaze's mount, Hickstead, was the only horse to complete four clear rounds at the 2010 World Equestrian Games finals. I put together this video I shot of Hickstead carrying all four riders thr

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horse jumping ~all to blame~SEIZURE WARNING. dont watch if u dont like flashing

Alright guyz !!!! i have offically blocked comments to be posted from now on . i got tired of all the ppl on yt that thought that just bc they are online and on the internet that thye could say what e

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Spruce Meadows horse jumping….

all the photo's here are from,

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