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Horse Riding, 3pole jump without reins

This is me jumping over three poles in a row in jumping position, without reins. kwl huh?

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Learning to Jump at Horse Camp

The first video is my very first time jumping **six years ago** at a lesson and then the rest is at Level Green Camp in Virginia a week later with my cousins. The song is "Jump, Jump, Jump" by True

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Horse Jumping Disaster Fall – Me Falling Off 80cm (2ft 6in)

WARNING - Bad Riding involved! Jumping disaster at the 80cm double with me falling off my horse.But we were ok & although disqualified we jumped the fence again, & then finished the course -- without

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Belgian Horse Jumping

walk, trot, canter, jumping

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Cross Country Horse Jumping

Cross Country Horse Jumping Horses jump and run on this beautiful course in Northwest Montana. The jumps were handcrafted into lovely shapes.

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A horse jumping bareback no bridle (at the end)

This is a a little film I put together from a bunch of scrap clips off my memory card (hence the quality). The bare back with no bridle jumping is at the very end. If you dont like it I guess DONT WAT

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Bad Jumping Horse & Bad Rider Jumping!!

UPDATE - PLEASE WATCH MY UPDATE VIDEO - 3JULY 2009 - LUCY A GOOD JUMPING DAY BEFORE MAKING HARD COMMENTS - NOTE - I love my horse - Lucy, She is not a bad horse, I just mean´t together we are BAD at

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Really Funny Horse Falls!

People (YouTubers) falling off horses,song is Florence And The Machine Rabit Heart [Raise It Up].Took from the album: Lungs.I do not own these videos there for entertainment puposes ONLY. Sorry i neve

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The Ulimate Horse Jumping Training Guide………

A Horses Guide on How To Train its Rider to Jump! Expert Guide for All....... using my video & photos to illustrate!!!!

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Horse Riding Cross Country and Show Jumping …Gone Wrong #3

First referral from YouTube - Homepage 1,378 More Falls Drama And Horsing about than an episode of You've Been Framed Watch all three and you shall be forever forfilled If you dont like falls dont

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