Horse Care


Feeding Your Horse Beet Pulp: How and Why

(c) 2009 - this is a video about feeding your horse beet pulp, how to do it and why. With your host Alita (Bunny) Hendricks. For information and updates on more videos, audio i

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Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Canter on Horseback

In order to canter on a horse, shift the outside leg behind the girth and start by going to a sitting trot. Canter on horseback after becoming comfortable with posting and sitting the trot, with tips

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Horse Care & Riding : How to Hold a Horse’s Reins

Keeping hands upright, hold a horse's reins in between the ring and pinkie fingers. Learn more about holding a horse's reins with tips from an equestrian team coach in this free video on horseback rid

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How to Tack Up a Horse : How to Saddle a Horse

Learn how to saddle a horse and attach a saddle pad to your horse in this free equestrian video on horse care and riding and tacking up a horse. Expert: Mara Keith-Hunter Contact: www.sycamore-stable

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Horse Care : How to Tack a Horse

When tacking a horse, begin by putting the saddle pad up to where the hair starts to grow on the withers and pull the saddle pad up into the gullet of the saddle. Attach the girth and put the reins on

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Horse Care & Buying Tips : How to Break a Horse

When breaking a horse, start by getting them used to the things that will be used on them when the saddling process begins. Break a horse by desensitizing them to touches and jumping with tips from an

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How to Care for Horses : How to Care for Horse Hooves

Learn tips on how to care for horse hooves in this free equestrian-care video. Expert: Sharon Booth Bio: Sharon Booth is the founding breeder for Goldenrod Performance Horses. She has been breeding ,

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Horse Care & Riding : How to Trot Your Horse

To make your horse trot, start with a sitting trot, which requires squeezing legs together to encourage the horse to move forward. Learn to trot your horse with tips from an equestrian team coach in t

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