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Bridleless Riding Demo

Goofing around on Pretty Tin Cat. "Brandy" is a 10-year-old AQHA mare purchased as a barely greenbroke scrawny lice-infested filly for $550, when she was likely destined for slaughter. I was 14; she

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Front Hoof Circles on Horse

TTouch Hoof Circles on the front legs of a horse developed by Linda Tellington-Jones TTeam for horses. Read the blog for more information

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Anna Twinney learns the value of Linda Tellington Jones’ met

Davi comes to class as he experiences head-tossing during trot to canter transitions. During her assessment LTJ introduces a body-wrap & she removes his bridle to bring in another way of riding. Ma

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Connected-Riding and Connected-Groundwork®, Peggy Cummings

The perfect balance, a natural stability and a smooth and gentle contact with the horse are the key to success and the basis for a successful work with your horse from the saddle and from the ground.

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Tellington TTouch Training “Change your Mind, Change your Horse”

In occasione del Seminario "Change your Mind, Change your Horse" svoltosi a Venaria (To) a maggio 2011, Linda Tellington-Jones, ideatrice del Metodo Tellington TTouch® diffuso e praticato in tutto il

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Sheila, Pearl and LTJ : Tellington TTouch

Linda Tellington Jones working with Pearl, a dog who did not like TTouch. Linda works her magic. from Dayton NJ 5/09

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Körperarbeit für Pferde

Warum Körperarbeit für das Pferd? Ein Pferd kann sich, wie wir auch beim Training verspannen, es kann hinderliche Bewegungsmuster und Fehlhaltungen entwickeln und Stress und Angst können sich mani

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Equitana 2009 – TrainerInnen im Ring

"Ein Tag" auf der Equitana 2009: Teil 3 - TrainerInnen in den Ringen: Peter Kreinberg, Nathalie Penquitt, Linda Tellington Jones. Mehr zu sehen gibts unter

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