Dressage Video


Passage & Piaffe at Liberty

Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. Rumba the Wonder Horse performing the Grand Prix Dressage movements Piaffe and Passage at Liberty. (No ropes or reins attatched). Georgi

How to teach Piaffe

How to teach Piaffe - Classical Dressage Training, Piaffe

Dressage – Anky & Idool- training [Sydney]

Anky entrenando en Sidney. El caballo es Idool si no estoy equivocado, no es Bonfire.

Bitless Dressage Nurtural Pas De Deux-revised

This dressage demonstration using the Nurtural No-Bit Bridle was presented at the Toronto Royal Winter Fair, November, 2006. **This is revised re-edited footage uploaded November 29, 2007. Let's see