Bad Horse Falls


Horse Falls & Mishaps #1

My first horse falls and mishaps vid, number 2 has just come out also :D view rate and comment

New! Horse falls & mishaps #3

My newest addition to horse falls and mishaps. Yes i have had alot of problens with the audio as every song which i have tried to edit this movie to, has been rejected :S Their were no horses or rider

Horse Falls

AND NO, you CAN NOT use these clips for your own video because they are under something called copyright.

Ways to Improve Riders Position

Demo safety first - having the appropriate horse, lunge horse first to warm the horse up, side reins etc. Demo some exercises (windmills, legs up and down)– there are several book, videos etc t

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Win and Learn with Petplan

Welcome to the latest in our exciting Learn and Win series. Over the last few months you've had the chance to improve your riding and learn some new horse care skills with our short but perfectly form

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Tash TV Week 29 – What exercises should you do off the horse to improve your riding?

This week in Tash TV, Tash talks about the exercises she does off the horse to help her with her riding! If you have missed an episode, or you would like to submit your own question to be answered in

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Horse Riding – Improve Your Position

Laura Kelland-May of Thistle Ridge Stables gives riders an exercise to improve their position

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