Bad Horse Falls


Bad Horse Falls!

A few clips I added together to make a movie about bad horse falls !

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splash 2 more water falls

more wet falls from crazy horses empty saddles contact

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Intense Horse Falls

a few pics put together into a video cortesy of google images

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Crazy Horse!

Do you want to see a new video of this horse and rider recorded 4 years later? Click the link to see Linnea now 19 years old and Bejona, 8 years old competing 145cm May 17th 2014.

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oops more horse

more horse falls from total recall video's DVD crazy horses empty saddles. contact us for full information

Even horses fall

Music: Daniel Powter - Bad day. AND NO, you CAN NOT use these clips for your own video because they are under something called copyright. I changed the music because I had too, copyright-issue with

Get off of my back

plz don't copy any of my videos without permission A video of horses trying there hardest to do some amazing things!!!! for the people wondering the music got taken off because of copyright stuff

OOPS Archive horse falls & fails

Archive falls and fails from over 20 years filming

Help! More Horse Falls 3

yet more falls from total recall videos