UPDATE – PLEASE WATCH MY UPDATE VIDEO – 3JULY 2009 – LUCY A GOOD JUMPING DAY BEFORE MAKING HARD COMMENTS – NOTE – I love my horse – Lucy, She is not a bad horse, I just mean´t together we are BAD at JUMPING! OK?
Lucy & me showing how jumping can go bad, this is how not do it!
I have now posted 4 video responses below – check these to see if we are getting any better!?
UPDATE – I am now riding school horses for my jumping lessons & Lucy is only doing a little small jumps, not that often
I dont mind advice; constructive criticism but I dont need rudeness!
If seems that everybody who leaves horrible comments when I check their page to see if they are experts, or how they ride in their videos, all I find are cowards who have anominous accounts with none of their own
videos – So if you want to add comments for me do it from an account with your videos on – so I can see if your worth listening to!
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